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Hi, my name is Sohan and I'm living in beautiful Bern, Switzerland since 15 years. I know the best spots for taking pictures or where to try some local food. I can provide you with valuable information about Bern ant it's secrets. Come on and take a guided tour on my Rikscha and see for yourself!

About me and Rikscha Walla

I was born first of January 1977 in New Delhi, India. My parents are originally from Telipahari, a small village in the south part of the state Uttar Pradesh. Already in 1992 I worked as a rikscha driver in New Delhi and tourist guide. That's also how I met my wife Nadia from Switzerland. After 3 years we decided to move to Bern, Switzerland. In 2004 we got married and are now a family with two kids.
Today I'm again a Rikscha Walla, but in Bern instead of New Delhi!

My service

My service is your service: tell me what you like to see/explore/discover, hopp in and off we go

So simpel

Transportation from A to B

More Medium

Rikscha-Drive through Bern with stops at the major sights

Very Plus

Customised program according to your wished


You can get a hold of me on various ways. From Tuesday to Saturday you will find me somewhere in Bern driving my Rikscha. Of course you can contact me to arrange a transportation or a tour:


Just call me at
+41 (0)79 105 35 05


Send me an e-mail on sohan@rikschawalla.ch

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